Oleh: forever2705 | Agustus 14, 2008

loves philosophy

the fountains mingle with the river

and the river with the ocean

the winds of heaven mix forever

with a sweet emotion

nothing in the world is single

all thing by law divine

in one another’s being mingle

why not i with thine?


see the mountains kiss high heaven

and the weaves clasp one another

no sister flower would be forgiven

if it disdained its brother

and sunlight clasps the earth

and the moonbeams kiss the sea

what are all these kissings worth

if thou kiss not me?

~Percy Shelley~




  1. Kenapa ya??? tapi baca postingan lo yg ini, gw merasa kayak yang diejek???

    eh… posting yg keluar dari otak lo dong… jangan info mulu…. hehehe… ^_^ V

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